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Rook Islands are the setting of Far Cry 3. It is where Vaas, Citra and Dr. Earnhardt are based, and is full of relics such as ancient ruins and World War II crash sites.

Background Edit

"But why are they so bad? "

By Dr. Alec Earnhardt[1]

14th Century: "Chinese Period" The Chinese invaded Rook in the 14th Century. They managed to eliminate all native tribes from Rook except the Rakyat which manage to keep control of some of their villages. The Chinese left Rook after 30 years after a Rakyat rebellion. The Rakyat commanders killed all remaining Chinese on the island yet they left the Chinese ruins untouched. Rook Island then experienced new tribes and tribal warfare until the 16th century when the Rakyat ultimatly won the wars and battles and then lived in peace

16th century: the era of peaceEdit

For millennia, the native population of the island lived in total pacifism, following a traditional way of life common to the Austronesian peoples of South-East Asia (Indonesia, Philipinnes, Malaysia).

19th century : British colonialismEdit

Attracted by the natural resources of the island, the British Empire seized Rook Islands to exploit phosphate mines. Sent in the mines, the local population is victim of a strong discrimination in favor of settlers who derive all the benefits of exploitation.

1940 : The Japanese invasionEdit

World War II marked a turning point in the history of Rook Islands. The Japanese Army subjected the local population and disfigures the landscape with many military installations.

1960: IndependenceEdit

The 1960s marked the return to independence, unfortunately accompanied by a strong economic decline caused by the depletion of phosphate mines. Poverty, corruption and lawlessness causes chaos on Rooks Islands.

1995-2011: PiracyEdit

By the mid-1990s, most young people are condemned to struggle to survive in the worst conditions. Having nothing to lose, they turn to drug trafficking, weapons and slaves.

Locations Edit

List of known locations on Rook Island north.

  • Temple of stone
  • Calvary point
  • Citra's temple


  • In reality Rook island is located in Papua New Guinea and could have served as inspiration for the in-game island.
  • Some of languages that been spoken by the natives were mostly from Indonesian or Malay as the island located somewhere within the South East Asian countries. Some might claimed that it is looked like East Timor.


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